What is a Condolence Book?

A condolence book or memory book is a valuable keepsake for those left behind after a loved one passes.

A condolence book comes in many shapes, sizes and styles and will usually have the details of the departed on the front pages with the inner pages left blank for people to record their condolences.

A condolence book is usually displayed at the funeral or the wake for guests to add their these special messages. The book can be filled with cherished farewells, fond memories and condolence messages for the family to treasure.

Those bereaved can gain comfort from reading about their loved one, in particular about their qualities, strengths and how they may have touched the lives of others. For the bereaved family to read that others are feeling a sense of loss and sadness will mark to them that the deceased person was loved and important to people beyond the immediate family, bringing comfort and a sense of pride.

Acting as a focus for recording thoughts and memories raised by the funeral gathering, the book will be an important keepsake for the bereaved family with messages of sympathy from friends or family providing considerable support through a time when they need it most. It will allow them to commemorate the life of a loved one, while helping them process their grief and emotion. The book can also be used as a memory book to include photographs, the order of service, poems or songs that hold special meaning. A condolence book doesn't need to be black or of a dark colour.
At Cherished Condolences we like to promote funerals as celebrations of an amazing life lived, not a sad occasion. So choosing a book in your loved one's favourite colour or material would be far more perfect, even if it's pink.

We offer a large range of condolence books, from those with traditional styling to a more modern look and feel or a book of condolence for a more natural funeral. You can choose to have the book personalised with the name of the deceased, a personal message or even a photograph engraved on the front cover of the book. We have also recently introduced our new, modern take on a condolence book with an engraved glass jar complete with printed cards for guests to write their messages on. 

Please take a look at our large collection of condolence books here.

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